Dirt Camp is a unique summer sports camp for kids aged 7 – 16. Located in Quebec’s historical Eastern Townships, Dirt Camp is a bike camp that has been teaching mountain biking to kids since 1996. We have a perfect record and reputation for teaching thousands of kids about mountain biking, health, ecology and spirit. Dirt Camp is certified by the ACQ (association des camps de Quebec) and the FQSC (Federation des sports cyclistes). These standards have brought us to a very high training level and as such our people have above average level of qualifications.Dirt Camp is for everyone.

Dirt Camp

During the weeks of summer, Dirt Camp teaches kids about mountain biking, BMX, balance and bike tricks every week for the 8 weeks of summer. Each week, a new camp begins on the Sunday and finishes on the following Friday.

This is no ordinary camp however, Dirt camp is a dynamic program; designed to improve mountain biking skills, to advance awareness and safety on the mountain and to contribute to today’s growing need for stimulation and exercise for the young.

Dirt Camp started as a small mountain bike camp with a handful of important qualities: small group size, individual attention, proper morals and ethics, a healthy lifestyle and an enthusiastic interest in showing kids a really good time.

What developed over time (and continues to change and grow every day) was a camp program that molded itself in the interest of downhill mountain bike techniques and activities. We feel that the skills developed on the DH course translate the best to all of the disciplines of mountain biking; the skills learned at Dirt Camp will last a lifetime. Eastern Canada offers many places to ride a mountain bike, and Dirt Camp is prepared to create activities, build features and drive for hours to deliver the absolute best mountain bike.

At Dirt Camp, mountain biking comes first; our priority is time on the bikes. This aspect of our overall concept is so important that we will shift meal times around, alter whole day plans, adjust wake and sleep times if needed, even stay up late. All in the name of squeezing in more mountain biking, more downhill, more BMX, more dirt jumping, more cross country riding. The cool thing is no one else can offer a program as dynamic and flexible as ours, and the campers know it and feel important because of it. There are sports camp and there is dirt camp, we are the only camp that restructures its schedule at a moment’s notice to take advantage of a warm night or a cool afternoon.

No other camp postpones a meal, takes a detour, finds a new trail, builds a new burn all for the campers . If you wan to understand why so many chose dirt camp, come see and we’ll show you.