2017 Mountain Bike Camps

$ 825.00

All 2017 Camp sessions are open

Dirt Camp mountain bike camps are a different twist on your usual summer camp experience. A small group (25) has the opportunity to discover mountain biking, live on the same site as the water park and spend a week with a group of people who share this unique passion.

  • Beginners, give this a try!
  • Intermediates, lets make you better!
  • Experts, We’ll show you one better!

From BMX to xc riding, Pump track to downhill, we have a great session for you.

Camp Calendar
All Ages
Session 1 (Jun 24 to Jun 29 ), Session 2 (Jul 01 to Jul 06 ), Session 3 (Jul 08 to Jul 13 ), Session 4 (Jul 15 to Jul 20 ), Session 5 (Jul 22 to Jul 27 ), Session 6 (Jul 29 to Aug 03 ), Session 7 (Aug 05 to Aug 10 ), Session 8 (Aug 12 to Aug 17 ),
Age 12 to 16
Young Guns
The Young Guns is the name we use for mountain bikers aged 7 to 12. Their program follows lockstep with the older kids with terrain selections specific to their abilities and comfort level.
Big Rigs
The Big Rigs is the name we use for bikers 12 to 16. This program is designed to bring riders to a variety of terrain options with the goal of developing a multifaceted skill set. Dirt Camp is a place where kids also build confidence and find and identity in mountain biking.
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Bromont Passes *

Save up to 136$ on Bromont water park and downhill season passes by signing up for camp.

Equipment Rental Add-ons:

Make your camping experience more complete by adding on these options. All prices include the rental for the whole week.

Additional Add-ons

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All riders start with skills games to help dirt camp staff assess each riders abilities and limitations for safety and group level. Through the week, riders develop skills and improve quickly through constant controlled environment.

Biking sessions are interrupted for water park, meals, mechanic sessions and camp fires.

Excursions have vehicle support, instructors are certified and safety comes before everything.

Dirt camp is a modern take on a classic idea. No phones or tablets allowed.


Beginner riders can anticipate a smooth progression from flat terrain, into basic trails and then into bike handling. Beginners tend to progress quickly within the first few days and can move up to stronger groups when ready.


Intermediate riders will start with a refresher course on flat terrain and eventually small jumps, steeper terrain and generally more challenging riding. Intermediate riders are also welcome to move up during their sessions provided they are ready.

Tiny pro

Advanced riders will cover the basics as well but again move to jumping, cornering and steeper riding. Advanced riders will be given more opportunity to challenge themselves and their bikes.

what do i learn at dirt camp? check out the curriculum below:

Level Assessment • Goal Setting • Pro

4:00 pmArrival

5:00 pmCamp Meeting

5:30 pmDinner

6:15 pmGroup level discussion & evaluation

7:00 pmEvaluation

10:00 pmLights out

Basic Skills • Drills • Lights

8:00 amBreakfast

8:30 amWarm up for morning training

9:00 amAM Ride (basic skills, balance, position)

11:30 amRepair clinic

12:30 pmLunch

1:00 pmWaterpark & Rest

2:30 pmPM bike activity (Bakery Trailsl)

5:30 pmDinner

6:30 pmEvening open activity (Soccer)

8:00 pmSnack

8:30 pmMovie

9:30 pmLights out


8:00 amBreakfast

8:30 amWarm up for morning training

9:00 amAM Ride (pump track/BMX)

11:30 amRepair clinic

12:30 pmLunch

1:00 pmWaterpark & Rest

2:30 pmPM bike activity (Trail Ride)

5:30 pmDinner

6:30 pmEvening open activity

8:00 pmSnack

8:30 pmCamp Fire

9:30 pmLights out

Body Position • Get in the zone

8:00 amBreakfast

8:30 amWarm up for morning training

9:00 amAM Ride (basic skills, balance, position)

11:30 amRepair clinic

12:30 pmLunch & Rest

1:00 pmWaterpark & Rest

2:30 pmPM bike ride (Trails / Shuttle)

5:30 pmDinner

6:30 pmEvening open activity

8:00 pmGroup Talk / Preparation for DH

8:30 pmMovie

9:30 pmLights out

Bromont Downhill Day

8:00 amBreakfast

10:00 amBromont Discussion

10:30 amMountain orientation to trails

1:00 pmLunch

1:30 pmFreeride at Bromont (AM Trails only)

5:30 pmDinner

6:30 pmLast night activity

7:30 pmRepair and adjustment sessions

9:00 pmLast night campfire

9:30 pmLights out

Final Adjustments
Enjoy it!

8:00 amBreakfast

8:30 amWarm up for morning game

9:00 amPack bags / clean rooms

10:00 amFreeride session

12:30 pmLunch

1:30 pmShuttle session

5:00 pmDinner

6:00 pmDeparture


Rental gear:

Rental gear at Dirt Camp is optional. If your equipment meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for camp, you are all set. However if you do not own your own gear or would like to try something new, see the bikes and gear listed below for details.

Specialized Enduro Evo

Specialized Enduro Evo

For Kids 12-17 Yrs


Specialized Big Hit Grom

For Kids 10-12 Yrs


Specialized Rip Rock 20 & 24

For Kids 8-12 Yrs (recommended)




Body Armour


Body Protection

Choose Your Session

Session 1 – Age 12 to 16 (Jun 25 to Jun 30), Session 2 – All Ages (Jul 02 to Jul 07 ), Session 3 – FULL, Session 4 – All Ages (Jul 16 to Jul 21 ), Session 5 – All Ages (Jul 23 to Jul 28 ), Session 6 – Age 12 to 16(Jul 30 to Aug 04), Session 7 – All Ages (Aug 06 to Aug 11 ), Session 8 – Age 12 to 16 (Aug 13 to Aug 18)


6 Days


7 to 12 Year Olds


Beginner, Intermediate


Lodging & Accomodations, Meals, Supervision


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