Adult downhill clinics: 18+

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These clinics are one, two or 3 day clinics during the week of July 24th to July 29th where adults can sign up for small group sessions to improve skills in an all day capacity to overcome fear and work their way over a variety of obstacles and challenges. These clinics differ from our private mountain classes because they last the entire day and often into the evenings over dinner and drinks.

The objective here is to address the points above but broken down for the duration the participant has signed up for. Naturally, those signed for multiple days, will benefit more from the bike set up, the fitness and the confidence over just the actual techniques of cornering and jumping. The perspective on the whole is often what makes the real difference in the long run.

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Session days:

  • Single day clinic: Tackling bike setup, body position, terrain reading. This one day clinic is a great way to step it up, kick yourself in the ass and get your game on. Step out of your envelope and get a little scared, its how you evolve.
  • 2 day clinic: Beyond day one, day 2 capitalises on the bikes feeling a little better and the attention to terrain reading in an active rather than passive way and adds on to that loading/un-loading, jumping and some corning.
  • 3 day clinic: benefits from 2 days of laying the groundwork and the 3rd for learning about timing, flow and putting things together. the 3rd consecutive day is about sealing the deal and making it stick. Some points to think about in extended coaching.
    • Understanding sight lines and eye placement, terrain  selection and lines.
    • Changing braking habits, how to act in the wet, how to recover from crash situations
    • Confidence and identity in your riding. Understanding and developing your riding style.


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