Hi and welcome to Dirt Camp kids, Dirt Camp women and Dirt Camp Groups and Corporate. We have been in the mountain bike business since 1996 and stand as the oldest mountain bike camp and mountain bike tour operator in Quebec and eastern Canada.


Jeff silas

Through the years I have watched the sport evolve and with it so have the camps, the staff and the material we teach. I have come to understand this sport in a way that I can teach it to all levels of riders. I work with children in their first steps of biking to adolescents racing on the Canadian cuircuit. I work with women trying to get back in shape and even older men wanting to get better and faster. No matter what you age, your weight, your fitness level, there is an aspect of mountain biking that works for everyone.



Working at Dirt Camp is the best job because I get to show kids what I like doing most. We are like a family and that makes sure your kids have a blast all week. Dirt Camp has taught me to be patient, to laugh at any joke and to love teaching the sport over the sport itself 



I attended Dirt Camp for 3 years before having the opportunity to work at Dirt Camp. I’m not going to say its not fun and I’m not going to say I don’t love it but I will say that at the end of the day, we sleep like logs! Riding is my life and I really enjoying passing on the skills I’ve learnt on to the all the dirtcampers. I expect to be here a while!



Whats up guys I’m Malcolm and I have been coming to camp either as camper or staff for 6 years. I love biking, I love my job and I have a blast riding with these kids. I usually teach groups 3 & 4 (Intermediate and Semi-advanced) but I have done many days with the little guys. Whatever the group, I’m in!

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Mechanic & Coach

Man, working at Dirt Camp is by far the best way to spend a summer! Out in the sun, on my bike and in the shop.
Yup, I’m the guy who has to fix most of the bikes. I coach the advanced groups (4-5), we ride downhill, BMX, trail, anything really. My first job is to make you safe riders, after that I’ll show you how to be rad.


Sean Brown
Assistant Director/Coach

Dirt Camp has become my life in the summer. That is my family. We eat, drink and sleep mountain biking and we do as a crew that becomes inseparable. From the end of school almost to when it starts up again, my life is a blur of biking, kids, flat tires, water slides, lasagna, great trails, prank jokes and more biking. This is life and I’m all in. I was camper for 3 years, I’ve been a coach for 2.