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Catering (Lunch and snacks)

Catering (Lunch and snacks)


    Lunch Satisfaction Guarantee.

    If your child does not like the meal and snacks after day 1, we will reimburse the entire amount.
    Every-Day Snacks and sides

    Week A :

    Monday: Chimichangas (chicken)
    Tuesday: Penne pasta, creme sauce.
    Wednesday: Wrap - ham and Cheese
    Thursday: Mac and cheese + Cubbed Ham
    Friday: Hot Dog Party!!
    (Regular and Veggie)
    [Option Ketchup-Mustard-Relish-Onion]

    Week B :

    Lundi : Quesadillas (chicken)
    Mardi: Macaroni à la viande
    Mercredi: Wrap - Ham and Cheese fromage
    Thursday: Imperial Rolls
    Friday: Hot Dog Party!!
    (Regular and Veggie)
    [Option Ketchup-Mustard-Relish-Onion].