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Step 1: Evaluation

Dirt Camp is all about progression. We start the week on the flat with no obstructions. This is a way of lowering the stress level once kids get to camp giving us the opportunity to see the strengths and weakness of each rider.

Step 2: Groups

After evaluation, initial groups are set and basic skill riding begins but not on the mountain. Instead, we use basic, flat trails to "play" and de-stress kids. Instructors maintain a slow pace on easy terrain to watch and observe each rider while breaking the ice between each rider. This is meant as a low stress start to the week. Group levels start at group 1 for beginners and go all the way up to group 5 for expert riders.

Step 3: First Tracks

As Monday morning turns into Monday afternoon, groups start to use the chairlift to find terrain that is easy and fun for the group and maintain a moderate pace. Instructors know this is a vital time of the week where campers need to feel comfortable with their skill level.

Step 4: Gradual Progression

As the week moves into Tuesday and then Wednesday, each groups finds new challenges that are suited to the group. Group 1 might be just learning to corner while group 5 could be learning to do slabs.

Step 5: Take it to the next level.

By the end of the week, groups settle into their own cadence and expand on the terrain they have become comfortable with. Each group is self sufficent and can now explore at the instructors discression and by the interests of the different riders of the group.