**Dirt Camp! Since 1996**

Lunch Menu Satisfaction Guaranty.

If your child does not like the meal and snacks after day 1, we will reimburse the entire amount.

Every-Day Snacks and sides
Main Meals (Bi-weekly)
Week A :

Monday: Chimichangas (chicken)
Tuesday: Penne pasta, creme sauce.
Wednesday: Wrap - ham and Cheese
Thursday: Mac and cheese + Cubbed Ham
Friday: Hot Dog Party!!
(Regular and Veggie)
[Option Ketchup-Mustard-Relish-Onion]

Week B :

Lundi : Quesadillas (chicken)
Mardi: Macaroni à la viande
Mercredi: Wrap - Ham and Cheese fromage
Thursday: Imperial Rolls
Friday: Hot Dog Party!!
(Regular and Veggie)
[Option Ketchup-Mustard-Relish-Onion]. .

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