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Dirt Camp is a bike camp that has been teaching mountain biking to kids since 1996 and to now close to 5000 kids. Dirt Camp is the reference in mountain bike programs in eastern canada and has led the way in mountain bike teaching for now 26 years.

This is no ordinary camp, Dirt camp is a dynamic program designed to improve mountain biking skills, to advance awareness and safety on the mountain and to contribute to today’s growing need for stimulation and exercise for the young. Dirt Camp is committed to handful of important qualities: small group size, level specific groups, individual attention and steady progression.

The team at Dirt Camp is finely tuned machine. We take great pride in assembling great people with good character and great bike skill. The Dirt Camp staff and management are dedicated to making these camps both effective teaching environments and memorable experiences. Come join us for a week (or two), you'll love it. We promise.